The actions of ''Miassine'' are carried out thanks to the donations  of its members and individuals, as well as the partnership with the associations, foundations and local communities. We are loօking for new partners to sustain our efforts and develop new projects. If you want to carry out a project in Armenia or in Karabagh but you do not have the resources or time to intervene directly in the field you can  rely on the experience and knowledge of ''Miassine''team.

Contact us for further information.

If you want to offer your kills and get involved in a humanitarian project, "Miassine" is able to guide you in the area that suits you and create a genuine exchange with the people.

You want to offer a material that you no longer need to Armenia? After detecting the need on the spot, we’ll deliver it to Armenia.

Sponsor an apprentice : Sponsor an apprenice to give a professioanl trainig and access to the world of work.

Sponsor a young musician :
You can become a sponsor of young talents by offering a scholarship, a musical instrument, a MasterClass…

Visite Armenia : Live in Armenia using logistic services of "Miassine".

Make a donation : you can support us financially. Your donations help us  act against the social exclusion, the exodus of the necessary forces for the survival of Armenia.