If you are considering tourism to be not only as a way of discovery and meeting new people, but also as a charitable way of helping develop poor regions of the country, then our offer is for you. If you choose to travel in Armenia using our extraordinary travelling options, you become a part of the Solidarity Tourism program.

You will discover historical treasures and natural marvels of Armenia and will meet Armenian people with us. Travelling with ''Miassine'' will ensure that you have a delightful visit.

Our trips include interesting encounters and exchanges. They are based on appreciation of human values dear to all of us.

Arménie – Terre d’accueil et de traditions

Meet Armenian people

The biggest secret of the attractiveness of Armenia lies in the heart of the people of this country. The generosity and hospitality of the Armenians will give you memorable impressions, transforming your visit into a unique life experience. Our trips are based on meeting, sharing and the promotion of the universal values of respect for the others.
You will meet an Armenian family to discover their culture and country.

Charitable approach

If you are one of those, who sees tourism not only as a discovery, but also an act of solidarity, a developement of the poor regions, then you made a good choice to travel with Miassine.
Chosing a nonclassical trip to Armenia, you become a part of an alternative tourism.

Cooking classes and tasting

During your stay the Armenian cooks will teach you how to cook armenian dishes, for example, the dolma. This iconic dish is made of vegetables or/ and vine leafs staffed with meat, rice, herbs and spices.
No traveler leaves Armenia without having tasted the khorovats, brochettes of marinated beef, lamb, pork, fish or chicken served with grilled eggplants and peppers.
The scent of a freshly backed bread in our backery in Prochian village will make you want to taste the Armenian matnacashe and French baguette.
You will also visit the bakery of lavash, traditional armenian bread baked in a special clay oven called tonir.
In the orchards of the cottages where you will be hosted you can enjoy tasty seasonal fruits-apricots, peaches pomegranates, figs, grapes, an assortment of delights to consume without moderation.

Wide choice of non-classic unusual trips

Miassine works with the best local professionals to offer you the best themes travel.
If you want to observe rare birds, we offer ornithological getaways with a professional guide in the natural reserve of Khosrovi, at the foot of Mount Gegham.
Plants and animal lovers will have the opportunity to discover more than 30 species of reptiles and more than 1800 plants.
For the rock climbers can discover the canyon of Noreavank, or the valleys of Arzni and Bjni.
From Ararat B&B we have a hike from Kar lake to the fortress of Amberd, built in the 11th century , perched on the side of Mount Aragats , Armenai’s highest point.
In this region in winter/spring you can also do ski touring.

Our trips < four seasons>

We organize departures from Geneva, Lyon, Paris, Brussels during the 4 seasons of the year.
If you want to see the iris, gladiolus, tulips that abound the Arart plain and the streets of Yerevan, you should leave early in the spring.
The beginning of the summer is the brightest perios on the Ararat plain.
Due to the rains of spring, the weather is very nice.
At the end of June, it gets hot in Yerevan, but in the mountainous regions the weather is mild and temperate.Autumn is really beautiful in Armenia.
The harvest is abundant with fruits and vegetables of the season- apricots, peaches, grapes, pomegrenates, blackberries, quinces, walnuts, squash etc.
The months of September and October are very pleasant with warm days and cool nights.
As in most mountainous regions, in Armenia winters are cold.
It snows heavily in the country that turns into a ski field.
If you decide to visit Armenia in the winter, we offer you a very pleasant accommodation in chalets of Tsakhkadzor, prestigious ski resort where you can ski from late November until April.
Hot baths lovers can visit the sources of Hankavan.

Discover our development projects

Since its creation Miassnine helps local people to become autonomous by strengthening their capabilities and helping the youth in difficulty of integration.
During your stay you can discover our successful projects, such as the bakery in Prochyan village, the orphanage of Nork or Lorut village. You can also discover other projects of sustainable development.